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He broke into the castle, killed the king, stole the treasure. He was twelve years old. As he grew, he and his Viking comrades brutalized the ancient world with fire and steel. He's quick with a sword, cunning, greedy, drunk, and his best friend is a raven. His name is Santa Claus. How does Nikolai, the barbaric Viking warrior, become kind, gentle Santa? Across the seas of time, from frozen tundra to deep forest, through myth, magic, and the quest for lost love, let the answers be revealed!

Santa The Barbarian is a rousing adventure story with a message of good humor, kindness, and giving at its center. The debut book from John Eder is lavishly illustrated by the author. Readers young and old: join Nikolai, his unforgettable friends and dastardly enemies on an epic journey to find the greatest gift of all – the gift of giving! 

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My name is John Eder. I grew up in Florida and now I live in California. I write to try telling the kind of ripping yarns I myself like to read. 

Aside from writing books, I also write, direct, and produce To The Manor Borne By Robots, a podcast adapting my sci-fi and horror stories to audio, with a large cast of talented actors, and lavish production. I’ve also had a long career as a photographer.

I love barbecuing, bike riding, and boogie-boarding. I'm the proud father of my daughter True, to whom Santa The Barbarian is dedicated.


 My publisher, Rothco Press, has lots of great books by terrific authors, with titles for kids, adults, and all ages in between.

I was greatly inspired by Swedish musicologist Per Runberg's album Andor, recreating folk songs as they might have been played in the Viking era.  

My sci-fi podcast To The Manor Borne By Robots  is in the iTunes store for free download and can also be found on its own website. Parental warning: the podcast is not intended for children: grown-ups only!